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Student Accounts

All schools have Point of Sale cash registers/computers allowing students to deposit money into their own account for daily food purchases.

Every student has his/her own identification number.

Every student has his/her own account in the cafeteria that can be accessed by the student using a keypad at each school in the district.

At meal time, the student enters his/her identification number on the keypad to access his/her account; the cashier will then enter the transaction. The purchase is then deducted from the student's account.

Students can deposit any amount of money by check or cash (checks are preferred to avoid large sums of cash being misplaced) by giving the deposit to the cashier who will enter the amount in the student's account.  Check out the MySchoolBucks feature for adding money to your student's account online.

The cashier will alert students when their accounts are getting low by a verbal notice; upon charging 4 meals, a written notice; upon charging 8 meals, a telephone call to parents; upon charging 12 meals, a letter sent to parents informing them of the negative balance; upon charging $25.00, a registered letter sent to parents informing then of the negative balance; upon charging $30.00, charges will be filed with the District Magistrate in order to collect the negative cafeteria account balance as well as any other costs associated with the filing of these charges.

Parents may check their child's account balance on-line by clicking on PowerSchool.