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District » Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Inspiring and empowering our students for the ever-changing world.

CRSD envisions an atmosphere of excellence that includes:
  • Sound leadership
  • Community involvement
  • Positive school climate
  • High professional standards
  • College and career readiness as well as life-long learning
  • All educational leaders in the district will make decisions aligned with the mission, vision and shared values of this strategic plan.
  • The district leadership will personify a firm commitment to the mission, vision and shared values of this strategic plan.
Professional Development Vision
  • All professional employees model life long learning by constantly renewing their subject area skills, knowledge and pedagogy.
  • All professional development endeavors are directly related to meeting the mission of the district.
Technology Integration
  • The use of technology is driven by the value it adds to the mission of the district.
  • Emerging technologies are embraced based on how its integration improve student learning.
  • 21st century skills are integrated into every aspect of culture of learning and the daily operation of the schools.
Community Connectedness
  • The district's facilities are available to all for learning and recreational opportunities by civic and community organizations.
  • Communication to the stakeholders of the district is open and honest.
  • The communities' values and beliefs are reflected in the educational programs of the district.
Academic Excellence
  • The district's curriculum is aligned with state standards, developmentally appropriate and sequential to optimize success of all students.
  • The curriculum is rigorous and challenging.
  • Instructional strategies are researched based on best practices.
  • The instructional delivery will accommodate individual students' strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assessment of individual student achievement will drive the curriculum and the delivery of instructional strategies.
  • The district will use student performance data to gauge individual student proficiency levels on the attainment of academic standards.
Pride, Respect, and Cooperation
  • The district employees and board of directors will model pride in all programs offered, respect for difference and cooperation in all interaction.