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Board Members

The Chestnut Ridge Board of Education is comprised of nine members. These nine members are elected from three areas. Each area elects three members to represent them on the board of education. The areas are determined by the 11 townships and boroughs. The three areas are divided as follows:

Area I
  • Juniata Township
  • Napier Township
  • New Paris Borough
  • Schellsburg Borough
Area II
  • Lincoln Township
  • Pleasantville Borough
  • Pavia Township
  • West St. Clair Township
Area III
  • East St. Clair Township
  • King Township
  • St. Clairsville Borough
The nine members of the Chestnut Ridge Board of Education are as follows:
Board Member Area Served Email Address
William S. Pataki, President Area I
James P. Dull, Vice President Area II
John Clark Area III
Mark E. Diehl Area III
M. Kay Dull Area II
Ryan M. Emerick Area I
Wayne E. Felix Area I
Erin McGill Area III
Angelique Walason Area II