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Health Services » High School Wellness Policy Guidelines

High School Wellness Policy Guidelines

Food Items
  • Snacks and A La Carte items will meet the Federal guidelines
    • <200 calories/serving
    • <35%calories from total fat
    • <10% from saturated fats
    • <35% sugar by weight
  • Student vending machines will be off during the "Instructional School Day"
  • Foods not meeting Federal Guidelines cannot be sold/purchased during "Instructional School Day" (*order form for food fundraising items will be allowed during school day, but food items cannot be distributed or delivered until the last period of the day.)
  • Soda will no longer be available to students via the school vending machines.
  • Healthier snacks will be placed in the vending machines that sell food/snack items by start of school in fall 2008, using the "competitive foods" guidelines to assist in making selections (even though vending machines will be off during instructional school day). We will target the reduction of high fat and high sugar items.
  • Student handbook will contain wellness guidelines for the building. Food service director will give buildings a list of suggested foods and examples of foods that meet the federal guidelines and/or competitive foods guidelines upon request.
  • The High School wellness policy guidelines will be listed on the website for the high school.
  • Bittner vending (contractor for snack machine) will meet with Health Council representative to evaluate vending machine choices and make changes as needed.
  • Principal or designated wellness committee member will meet with the student organizations that contract with various vendors for the vending machines to review necessary changes in items offered in machines.
Physical Activity/Physical Education
  • All students must take a minimum of two semesters of physical education before they graduate.
  • Students will be encouraged to be physically active for 30 minutes of each instructional period during physical education class.
  • Adaptive physical education classes will be provided when applicable.
  • All students will be provided the option of participating in organized sports activities (as long as they meet requirements for that particular sport).
  • The High School would also like to provide opportunities for intramural sports/exercise program after school, if budgetary restraints allow.
  • Administration and staff will study grant/fund raising opportunities to provide cardiovascular fitness center for school and community use.