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for Staff » E Hall Pass Training Videos

E Hall Pass Training Videos

Teachers & Staff Training Videos

  1. Overview of e-hallpass (for Teachers, Staff & Admins):
  2. Profile Settings:
  3. Overview of Teacher/Staff Dashboard:
  4. Approving a Pass from the Teacher/Staff Device:
  5. Approving a Pass from a Student Device:
  6. Explanation of PIN Options: Arrived, In/Out, End/Keep:
  7. Ending Another Teacher’s Pass:
  8. Viewing/Exporting Pass History Data:
  9. Auto Pass Overview:
  10. Creating an Out of Office:
  11. Creating a Teacher Pass (Proxy Pass):
  12. Creating Auto Check-In PINs (Staff/Admins Only):
  13. How to Set Limits for Your Locations (Staff Only):
  14. Appointment Pass - Overview for Teachers & Staff:
  15. Appointment Pass - Editing and Deleting:
  16. Appointment Pass for Multiple Students:
  17. Student Appointment Requests (Teachers):
  18. Nurse Training Video (Staff/Admins Only):