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Virtual Academy

The Chestnut Ridge Virtual Academy provides an online alternative to students enrolled in the Chestnut Ridge School district. Online curriculum is delivered via several web based solutions such as Plato, Advanced Academics, and Aventa Learning. At Chestnut Ridge, we combine technology, highly qualified teachers, and state standards-aligned curriculum with the opportunity to experience self-paced or real time instruction. Students may elect to enroll fulltime in the Virtual Academy or they may choose a “blended approach”; coming in-house for certain classes and completing the remainder online.

Participation in cyber learning environments differs from traditional face-to-face instructional settings in several ways. Lifestyles, learning styles, and how interaction occurs between the teacher, student, and course content are all factors which should be considered prior to enrollment in a distance learning curriculum. Successful online students should possess, to some degree, the following traits:
  • Self-directed
  • Motivated
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Possess strong reading & writing skills
Perhaps more than any other factor, parental involvement will positively impact a successful outcome for students enrolled in the Virtual Academy. Satisfactory completion of the online curriculum guidelines and district graduation requirements results in the award of a diploma from the Chestnut Ridge School District.
The Chestnut Ridge School District is pleased to be able to offer high quality educational opportunities for our students who are seeking alternatives to a traditional brick and mortar learning environment. For more information on the Virtual Academy, please contact Josh Smith at 839.4195 x 3380 or via email at [email protected]