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Chestnut Ridge FBLA Competes at the 2022 National Leadership Conference in Chicago

Chestnut Ridge Competitors for the 2022 National Leadership Conference held in Chicago:
Hannah Smith and Meghan Restly--Introduction to Social Media Strategy.  Their project involved creating a social media strategy for a fictitious charity event between a professional sports team and a non-profit organization.
Parliamentary Procedure:  Studied Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised.    At nationals, they took a 100 question test about the rules and the FBLA national bylaws.  Chestnut Ridge had two teams:
Kaitlyn Herman, Rhianna Dunn, Emmy Stiles, and Aubrie Hetherington.  Parliamentary Procedure.  
Shelbi Sabo, Aiden Mannion, Ava Whysong, Savannah Webb, and Abby Lukehart--Parliamentary Procedure.  Placed second in the nation!
Hailey Miller and Izzy Giovanelli--American Enterprise Project. 15-page report detailing the chapter's American Enterprise Project submitted for judging in May.   Then they presented a speech to the judges at the conference. 
Evan Shaffer--Broadcast Journalism.  He had to film, edit, and present a news broadcast.